Pulverizer Rebuild
Abrasion Resistant Plate
Hard Surface Weld Overlay
CFB Parts and Materials
Expansion Joints
Dampers and Diverters
Boiler Parts/Tube/Bend/Shield
Cooling Tower Parts
Axial Flow Fan Blades
Gearbox Replace/Rebuild

P.A.R. Alloy covers the United States, with the Corporate Headquarters in Littleton, Colorado, and offices in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Call 303.455.5700 for more information on what P.A.R. Alloy can do for you.

At P.A.R. Alloy, we clearly understand the difficulties that confront our customers. From day one, the decision to treat your problems as our own has been key to the way we have developed as a company. During our 34 years in the business, we've dealt successfully with the changing problems of the utility industry.

From early analysis and planning to turnkey operations, whether the job calls for the new construction, maintenance or retrofit, we know the importance of high-quality work, we offer the best price with the fastest possible turnaround. You can ask anyone who has worked with P.A.R. Alloy--we deliver on time and within budget.

As technology changes, so do the problems in service life, maintenance, repairs, replacement, upgrades, and cost control. In addition to our breakthrough pulverizer technology, we continue to supply the most economical, customized solutions for the problem conditions in the utility industry. P.A.R. Alloy, through long-standing relationships with our principals, provides quality products at competitive prices.

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