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Reverse Engineering

Sometimes you need a part you just can’t get.  Maybe your mill is a hybrid with custom parts that are no longer being offered.  Maybe you want to want to modify the design of an existing part, or try a different material.  We have years of experience reverse engineering parts and combine that experience with the latest in 3D laser scanning.  Large or small parts, we tackle them all and it’s free of charge to you.  We don’t sell engineering, we sell parts and that is what we want to do for you.

It all starts with a call

We’ll talk through your goals and make sure that it is something that we can handle for you and look at our options.  If you have ideas to improve on the design of the existing part, we can talk that over too.  Once we decide to move forward, we’ll need to get our hands on it.  New or used, large or small – we’re experienced working with a broad range of parts in a wide range of conditions.    If it’s too large to easily ship, we’ll come to you.  We travel the USA coast to coast and even do work overseas.

Let’s see how it measures up

Next we measure everything up.  Even if the part is worn we can usually figure out how it was meant to be.  We’ll make sure any critical fitment areas are perfect and that the part you get goes together like you expect.  To back up our experience with precision measuring, we can also scan the part and digitally “take it with us.”

Check and double-check

Once the drawing is complete, we carefully review it to make sure we have addressed any issues or questions.  We also overlay the finished 3D drawing with the scanned part to look for any discrepancies.  Just another layer of certainty that your part will be right.  We can work with the end users to make sure that it is made from the right materials to return the best possible life in its intended environment.  Once we’re satisfied everything is right, we get right to work on your quote.  

The finished product

Whether your part needs to be cast, machined, fabricated, go through final assembly, or some of everything.  We have the tools and experience to handle it.  We make castings as small as a pound, and some of our largest castings exceed 70,000 lbs.  We can machine parts over 10′ wide, fabricate structures over two stories, ceramic line your part, apply wear spray, and do whatever testing is necessary.  There is very little we can’t handle.   From concept to completion we can see your project through.

Get in Touch

Just give us a call at 303-455-5700 or email us at info@paralloy.com. We look forward forward to working with you.